Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Whether previous sanction of the Government is necessary for accepting remuneration for publication of a book or for contributing an article to a newspaper, periodical etc?

             Prior sanction of the Government is necessary under rule 13(4) of AIS (Conduct) Rules 1968 for accepting remuneration for publicatin of books / articles of purely literary, artistic or scientific character, though permission is not required for their publication under rule 6 of the said rules. An income from literary, cultural or artistic efforts, which are not aided by the knowledge acquired by the member in the course of his/her service, is not 'fee' for the purpose of SR 12 and can be retained by the officer in full. In other cases, SR 12 will apply and 1/3rd of the amount above Rs.250/- will have to be remitted to the Consolidated Fund of India / State. 

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