Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can the Home-Town be changed for the purpose of LTC?

             The hometown once declared and accepted by the controlling officer shall be treated as final. In exceptional circumtances, the Head of the Department or if the Government servant himself is the Head of the Department, the Administrative Ministry, may authorize a change in such declaration provided that such a change shall not be made more than once during the service of a Government servant. Government of India Decisions (1) From time to time enquiries have been received as to how exactly the "home town" should be determined. The correct test to determine whether a place declared by a Government servant may be accepted as his hometown or not is to check whether it is the place where the Government servant would normally reside but for his absence from such a station for service under Government. The criteria mentioned below may, therefore, be applied to determine whether the Govt. servant's declaration may be accepted- (i) Whether the place declared by Government servant is the one which requires his physical presence at intervals for discharging various domestic and social obligations, and if so, whether after his entry into service, the Government servant had been visiting that place frequently. (ii) Whether the Government servant owns residential property in that place or whether he is a member of a joint family having such property there. (iii) Whether his near relations are resident in that place. (iv) Whether, prior to his entry into Government service, the Government servant had been living there for some years.  

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